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Block, identify and report suspicious phone numbers. The most complete app to avoid phone scams, unwanted calls and extra charges in your bill. official App

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Block any phone number

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Best Call Blocking app

Block, identify and report suspicious phone numbers. brings you the most complete app to avoid phone scams, unwanted calls and extra charges in your bill. With more than 500.000 telephone numbers registered and identified in our database and a community with millions of users around the world.


Every time a dangerous phone number calls you we will identify it for you, so you can decided whether to answer or not.


Can't be bothered? No worries, we will block all dangerous phone numbers who call you.


Got a call but you are not sure who the owner is? Just search it in our database and see what our community says about it.


Help and warn other users about any spam phone number

Huge community

Biggest community in internet. We have lot of users with similar problem to yours.

Biggest phone number database

After 8 years helping our users to identify who is calling we have built the largest database of spam phone numbers. And we give it to you for free.

172kHappy Users
327kLines of Code
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We got you covered, check those faq if its not there just ask us.

Is this app free?

Completely free. You can use this app as much as you want!

Can I block any phone number?

Yes, just write the phone number you want Call Blocker to block and you are all set! You will never get a call from that phone number.

How can I update the Call Protection?

The Call Protection updates automatically every sunday protecting you against the top callers in your country. You can manually update the list of the top callers of your country once per day.

How many spam numbers do you have identified?

We have the biggest database of spam phone numbers. Our app gets fetchs results and compares dangerous phone with, the biggest phone spam directory on the internet.


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